Suffering From Pain?

San Jose Auto Accident Chiropractor
Auto Accidents

The longer you go without seeking treatment, the more complications may arise, and may become permanent injuries.

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San Jose Headache Pain Treatment
Headaches & Dizziness

Headaches are affecting about 75% of Americans and is described as a constant band- like pain in the head and neck.

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Auto Accident Injury Treatment San Jose Low Back Pain
Lower Back Pain

Sprained ligaments, ruptured disks, strained muscles, poor posture, stress, and obesity can cause pain in your lower back.

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Auto Accident Injury Treatment San Jose Pinched Nerve Pain
Pinched Nerve

A nerve that has become inflamed or irritated due to bones, joints, or muscles being in the wrong position.

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San Jose Sciatica Chiropractor

The pain from sciatica has been described as radiating from the buttock and down to the back of your legs.

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San Jose Slipped Disc Chiropractor
Slipped Disc

Poor disc health can be related to many things such as poor posture, smoking, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition.

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San Jose Upper Back / Neck Pain Chiropractor
Upper Back/Neck Pain

Most common neck and upper back pain is caused by poor posture, stress, disc problems, and chiropractic subluxations.

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San Jose Work Injury Chiropractor
Work Injuries

Back and neck injuries account for almost 90% of injuries happening in the work place and can be physically devasating.

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